Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Before the Blade, the Pill, the Shot - You Might Try...

...Rossiter Stretching

Founded in the 1980's, the Rossiter System is a unique form of deep tissue bodywork with its roots in Rolfing. If you have joint or muscle pain that just won't go away, and you've "tried everything", Rossiter deep tissue stretches might be the missing element in your recovery. Rossiter helps restore tight connective tissue to its originally designed length so tenderness, shooting pain from pinched and zinging nerves and outright nasty pain goes away - without cortisone shots, steroid injections, surgery or mind numbing drugs.

Connective tissue is the tendons, ligaments and layers of fascia that surround and connect all our parts together, giving us shape and form. Connective tissue is our body's system of space. It tightens and shortens with age, overuse, under-use and injury. It squeezes and shrinks, pulling parts together. Working as an active participant with a Certified Rossiter practitioner you can eliminate tightness, pain, and retricted movement. Think of it has a coach proving deep tissue massage and a specific resistance for you to stretch against. There are over 100 stretches to choose from depending on your detailed needs. 

Learn more by contacting the Roaring Fork Valley's Rossiter practitioner, Diane Gallagher at her website or contact (970)-945-5600.