Tuesday, March 12, 2013

kim: Health Care Reform - Medical Perspective

kim: Health Care Reform - Medical Perspective: In this journey into Health Care Reform, I'd like to present as many perspectives as possible.  This bill presents changes for individuals, insurance companies, employers, wellness providers and medical service providers.

Jim Coombs, CEO Grand River Health
I was pleasantly surprised to run across an interview with Jim Coombs, the CEO of Grand River Health (Rifle, CO) which aired on KMTS-FM (Glenwood Springs, CO.)  on Friday, 3/8/13. The interview was conducted by my colleague at KMTS, News Director Ron Milhorn. 

Mr. Coombs talks about what he refers to as "Health Pay Reform" and the fact that 40% of disease factors are attributed to our behavior, choices WE make.  This is larger than genetic or any other factor.

Link to Jim Coombs interview on KMTS - CLICK HERE

Link to Powerpoint presentation- State of the Community - CLICK HERE

I found the interview informative and with different information than I had expected to be presented.  We have to realize this reform bill affects health care in many different ways and to be informed will help us navigate the new system with as much ease and grace as possible, contributing to lower stress levels and overall wellness.  I hope you find it helpful, as I did.

Thank you to KMTS-FM and Grand River Health for access to and permission to share these resources.

SOURCE: Balanced Ideas For Real Living