Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Resource To Know About - Good Seed Community Garden

2013 Season Opening April 13th
Everyone is invited to Good Seed Community Garden KICKOFF meeting: Thursday April 11th | 7pm | Gathering Center

Last year we opened up with 40 garden plots. This year we will be adding 45+ more garden plots. Garden sizes and yearly fees are: $25 for 5 ft x 10 ft (50 SF), $32 for 10 ft trapezoid (75 SF) and $40 for a 5 ft x 20 ft (100 SF). Email and give us your name, phone# and interested plot size.

Garden opens Saturday April 13th for 2013 season.
The Garden at Carbondale (Good Seed Garden at The Orchard) will provide a place where community members can gather to enjoy gardening together, share knowledge, promote gardening and provide for the physical & spiritual needs of the community.

The garden will foster community cooperation with the church, individual citizens, local government, business, charitable organizations and educational institutions.

It will provide gainful employment opportunities to members of the community and educational opportunities for local school students.

In concert with local organizations and businesses, the Good Seed Garden will serve as a resource to preserve knowledge of local horticultural practices, introduce new crops to the Roaring Fork Valley and demonstrate new methods of growing and preserving food crops locally.
The Orchard, located at 110 Snowmass Drive, Carbondale announces plans for its newest project, the Good Seed Community Garden. The Good Seed Community Garden is located on the north side of The Orchard property and will feature 39 garden plots in 2 size; 4’ by 10’ and 4’ by 20’. The annual cost for a small plot is $25 and $40 for the large plot. Garden plots will be assigned through a lottery from interested gardeners that have completed an application. Plots will be assigned the week of March 25.

The Good Seed Community Garden will be unique in that as part of signing the gardening agreement, gardeners will be asked to contribute 10% of their produce to those in need through either Lift-Up or Feed My Sheep. Debi Boyle, the Carbondale food pantry coordinator from Lift-up said, “This is a great need because the Lift-Up program can’t supply fresh produce for a balanced diet. We would love it!”

The Good Seed Community Garden recently received a generous grant from the Harvey Family Foundation and is also partnering with local businesses to provide discounts for gardeners to purchase items like seed and tools. The garden has already received generous donations of compost, fertilizer, sand and services to ready the land for planting. The garden is looking for donations of materials to build fencing , raised beds as well as pipe for the irrigation system.