Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Post Independent- Health and Wellness Expo Draws a Crowd In Glenwood

Post Independent

GLENWOOD SPRINGS — The second annual Health & Wellness Expo held at the Ramada Inn on Saturday, April 27, was well-attended, and vendors and visitors were all smiles. 

The expo was powered by volunteers. Here, volunteer Donna Fell of Glenwood Springs chats with fellow Glenwood resident Chris Tribble of Be Heard TV, who filmed the event.

Photo courtesy of Megan Henrie
Along the halls and throughout the venue, conversation bubbled over as visitors to the expo were able to ask questions, receive services and develop new relationships with local wellness providers. A wide variety was found at the expo, including massage, chiropractic, dental, nutritional supplements, health coaching, art, energy healing, yoga, osteopathic medicine, personal training and much more.

While the booths seemed to draw the most attention, workshops and seminars were conducted throughout the day as well. Expo attendees were treated to movement workshops in the form of yoga, chakra dancing, fitness workouts and singing bowls.

Positive comments were heard as people filed out of the Ramada at the end of the event.

“It was a great success.” said Dr. Stephanie Stanfield, co-chair of the event, “We sold out of all of our booths, and the vendors were phenomenal. The many participants with whom I spoke said it was a great opportunity to get to know the natural health care providers that are in our valley.

“We had helpful volunteers that made sure the event ran smoothly,” she added. “All the participants got into the spirit of the event and everyone had fun and learned something.”

More information about the Health & Wellness Expo can be found at www.HealthandWellnessExpoGWS.com or on the facebook page at www.facebook.com/HealthandWellnessExpo.