Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wow! What a Line-Up of FREE Seminars!

The following FREE Wellness seminars will be offered Saturday, April 27 at the Ramada Inn & Suites, 124 W 6th St, Glenwood Springs.  This is part of the larger Health and Wellness Expo event.




10:30am    Setting up House Keeping in the 5th Dimension- Carmen Iacino
Ok!  So you want to move permanently into the new energy (5th Dimension), stay there, be effective – and all with ease.  We will discuss how to do this – move into a NEW energy in a NEW way

11:00 am    Accessing Conscious Awareness- Dr. Stephanie Stanfield

We all want to be more conscious, don’t we? How do we go about getting there? What if awareness is your natural state? What if being conscious was easier than you ever thought possible? There are five simple steps that you can do to achieve this natural state of being. Find out what they are and how easy they are.

11:00am    Angels 101 :   Connecting, Working, and Healing with the Angels-Karri Ann
Learn key tips to Access Angelic Realms, Intuition for Protection, Guidance, Healing
Amplify your efforts with Crystals, Flower Essences, Earth Energy; Faery & Elemental Realms

11:30am    Living An Inspired Life- Claire O’Leary
Discover your life …inspired. Join me in learning how. This workshop you will help you discover what living an inspired life looks like for you.
You will:
Connect to your Inspiration – Intuition, Higher Self and Spirit Guides
Learn to listen and pay attention
Discover your roadblocks
Take action
…so you can live an inspired life.

11:30am    Recognizing ADD/ ADHD- Dean Pappas,M.S., M.F.A
Dean Pappas, M.S., M.F.A., will describe the various aspects of Adult ADD/ADHD, how to recognize it, and techniques for coping. The class will include listing the various ways family members can participate in the healing process, the role that medications can play, how to improve career skills and behaviors, and more. Question and answer period will follow.”

 11:30am    Living Healthy on a Daily Basis- Kate Smith
Healthy Daily Living; Ever wondered how to eat healthier?  Are you waning to make changes to how you or your family eats?  Would you like to learn how to eat healthier on a daily basis, well then this class is for you.  We will be discussing ways to make small simple changes to your daily habits.  We will discuss how to read food labels, how to make better choices while at the store and how to set yourself up for success in your eating.  We will touch on the power of growing your own food easily with the Tower Garden and getting more fruits and veggies daily with Juice Plus+

12:00pm    Intro to Core Transformation- Kim Chenoweth
This gentle yet powerful process brings about profound and lasting changes in feelings, habits, behaviors, limiting beliefs, and even physical ailments. Core Transformation meets our deepest strivings: to heal ourselves and develop as human beings – emotionally, physically, and spiritually

12:00pm    Food Jungle – Food is Not What it Use To Be- Gwyn Smith Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage
Food is not what it use to be, how to survive today’s food jungle. By understanding the food supply you will know how to make the healthiest choices.

12:00pm    Anyone can Train like a Professional Athlete- Brett Lark
Why train like an athlete. There are lots of reasons including boosted immune system, strength, endurance, feel better, and a desirable figure. Now we have the tools to train like the pros safely and efficiently. Learn the manic of functional training with this interactive introduction and demonstration. It will open your eyes.

12:30pm    Organize home and life with Thirty-One- Angie Callen
Angie will demonstrate several Thirty-One products and explain how to integrate them into your life to organize in a stylish and trendy way or find a great gift for someone who could use the same.  Demonstration will include some fun games and giveaways too!

12:30pm    The Healing Power of Nature- Susie Kincade
How does connecting to the natural world heal us on a physical, mental and spiritual level? Join Women’s Empowerment Workshop founder, Susie Kincade, to learn specific tools that will help you discover the power of nature and the power of you! Susie is a Transformational Wilderness  Guide who conducts nature adventure retreats for women and girls. She will offer the latest discoveries about “Nature Deficit Disorder” and how to reconnect to this vital part of our life energy.
1:00pm    The Thrival Theory- Dr. Dave Jensen

  1:00pm    Gentle Touch Stress Pain Shock and Trauma Release- Rhonda Piccola
Acupressure is a broad term I use to work with many Subtle Energies
healing techniques and modalities.
With my intent vision spoken word and mind I entrain energies,
Lift overwhelms and incorporate soul rescue within one session.
These self-taught techniques gifts and talents I also teach.

1:30pm    Medicine Cabinet Makeover- Rebecca Burt
Do you want safer, cheaper, more effective healthcare?
$4.5 Trillion is spent on Global Healthcare every year….are we any healthier today than 5 years ago?
Discover how you can reinvent your healthcare with nature’s medicine:
True Healing,  All Natural, Positive Effects, Extended Shelf Life, Efficient & Simple, Inhibits the growth of bacteria & viruses and much more!!!
Natural Solutions = True Wellness!

1:30pm    John F. Barnes Myofascial Release- Betts Williams
What is the fascial system? The fascial system covers our body from our head to our toes. The body can have restrictions due to posture, injury and trauma. What Betts does is works on the fascial system in a very subtle way to release these restrictions in the fascia. Betts has  been trained by John F. Barnes in Myofascial Release.

  2:00pm    Colon Health and the Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy- Christa Wagner
Empowerment and education about colon health with colon hydrotherapy and cleansing/ detox programs for a healthy life.

2:00pm    Sleep Apnea and Difficult Dental Challenges- Dr. George E. Bagwell, DDS
Presentation on the types of difficult dental problems that can be addressed by a dentist specializing in Prosthodontics, such as Implants, Crowns, Denturesand Cosmetic Dentistry…and in-depth information on how a Prosthodontist can help with Snoring and Sleep Apnea problems.

2:30pm    “What the Bleep is a Health Coach?”- Kris Nemelka
You will learn about the health benefits you receive when choosing to work with me either in a group or one-on-one basis.  Explanations will be given on the importance of setting your own personal goals, all the while using proven methods to guide you along your journey to a healthy mind and body.  We will end with a guided, relaxing, hypnotic trance.

3:00pm    Weight Loss- Scottie Gunther
Learning to loss weight the Talslim method.




11:00am    Soo Bahk Do Demonstration- Susan Fittanto and Cyndi Speedy
We will demonstrate some of Soo Bahk Do’s basic technique and self defense as well as forms unique to the art and created by the founder, Hwang Kee.

12:30pm    Fitting Fitness into Your Life- Kimberly Henrie
Simple exercise tips, ideas and information to help you get or keep fit in your busy life.

1:00pm    Chakra Dancing- Suzette Skidmore
Awaken your energy centers through movement and music.  A great way to get energized and have fun.

1:30pm    Ten  Bodies Yoga - Sontantar Kaur
Practicing Kundalini Yoga gives you the experience of your highest consciousness.  It can clear your energy, raise your vibration, heal depression, illness and apathy and lead you to the sacred center of your life. Try Kundalini Yoga with Sotantar Kaur. Teaching at 3 locations in the Valley and privates at The Earth Oracle Yoga Studio in Carbondale.  We are  beginning a new process in May, Ten Bodies Yoga.  Jump start your energy and clear the way to manifest from a new place in your being.

2:00pm    Singing Bowls Demonstration  -Daniel Pierce
Come enjoy the wonderful vibrations of Crystal and Tibetan Singing bowl’s working on the glands of the body to unlock a state of consciousness that no longer perceives life with any separation. Universal vibration’s will work threw the water and molecular level of the body resulting in all major energy systems evenly spinning in synchronicity. When this happens the magnetic field around the body can touch a golden Hue.