Monday, May 20, 2013

Cool Meditation Tool

Meditation is easy and is available to anybody at anytime.

 We often make it more complicated and more ritualistic than is necessary.  There are hundreds of methods used for meditation; however, reduced to the essentials meditation is simply learning to quiet the mind. This opens the door for increased awareness of self, and the ability to rest in a peaceful and aware state of consciousness.

One way to quiet the mind is to give it a single thing to focus on. This Android application, "Serenity Now" provides a collection of simple to choose and use focus tools. These tools are designed to give your mind just one thing to focus on, and help clear the mind of the noise of daily life. Within "Serenity Now" you will find a rich collection of Mantras, Mandalas, Bonsai, Nature Images, Focus Videos, Sounds & Music, as well as Guided Meditations. It can be downloaded Here on Google Play

Have an enlightening day.