Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Health Care Reform - Electronic Medical Records Consolidation

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Recently, I learned that local businessman and fitness/wellness colleague Steve Reynolds was serving on the Executive Committee of Beacon Communities Consortium, a Western Colorado group working to consolidate patient medical records regionally.  This is all part of a federal grant program driving regional communities to create solutions towards that will ultimately become a part of the Affordable Care Act.

I was very interested to talk with Steve and learn more about this and how it will impact our future health care system.  There is definitely a lot to talk about.  To listen to my first conversation with Steve click on Roaring Fork Wellness's Podcast, Episode 4, on the top & right of the page.

We will definitely talk again.  If you'd like to submit questions or comments, please include them below or you can contact Steve Reynolds directly at:

La Provence Spa (Steve's business)- 970-945-5783 or via email at steveatthegym@live.com

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