Saturday, June 8, 2013

Health Care Reform - Article Round Up

From: Kim - Real (& mostly) Balanced Ideas for Real Life

When I first started investigating Health Care Reform a few months ago there wasn't really much information out there.  Now it seems that as we barrel closer to January 1, 2014, it's coming faster and faster.  A few articles crossed my path recently that I thought would be helpful to just pass on to you:

Let the IRS implement Obamacare? Are we nuts?

Are we really prepared to put our health insurance system under the same agency that, as we’ve learned from the targeting scandal, took 1,138 days to approve just one non-exempt group’s tax application?  Read more:

Health Insurance Reform: Steps to Take Now to Prepare

Open enrollment, both for private health plans and for the new insurance marketplaces established by the law, starts Oct. 1. That’s sooner than you may think, given the complexities of the law, says Meredith Olafson, senior policy advisor in the Small Business Administration’s office of entrepreneurial development. “Every business owner is going to be impacted differently,” Olafson says. “They need to know the facts and information to plan for what’s ahead.”
Here are five important ways to ready yourself for health reform: 
Read more:
Find more on the Affordable Care Act/Health Care Reform/Obamacare HERE.

I am truly non-partisan in this and pretty much all politics.  If you sense a slant or leaning in one direction or another, it's not intentional.  Feel free to share your insights and perspectives by commenting below.

What are you doing to prepare for Obamacare?  Or are you just not worried about it?