Monday, July 8, 2013

Wellness: The Power of Support and Accountability

From: Kim - Real (& mostly) Balanced Ideas for Real Living

I have found that I am extremely creative when it comes to procrastination.
Thank You Elise

And I LOVE working out and taking care of myself.  So, I know how hard it must be if you really don't like to think about what your body needs.  Something that I have started doing with my daughters Elizabeth and Megan this year is hosting Daily Morning Workouts on Google Hangouts On Air.  So we are not only accountable to each other, as we develop an audience that wants this daily motivation, we are accountable to them as well.  This makes a world of difference!  It certainly makes it harder to skip out on a workout - though I am still creative enough to do that once in awhile.

Additionally, we operate a Facebook Group called Better Bodies Support Group.  As a member of this group you are invited to share your goals, concerns, questions, etc. and know that only other group members can see your posts. We are in this journey together.  We also all share tips, recipes, workouts, and more to give everyone fresh ideas.  You are invited to join us!  Follow the link to Better Bodies!

Here is an example of one of the workouts: Yoga for Lower Back Support