Monday, January 6, 2014

News from the Carbondale Community Food Co-op

Happy New Year!!
To start off the new year, we have a lot of great things on sale. Ghirardelli 60% cacao bittersweet baking chocolate and 100% cacao bittersweet baking chocolate are both on sale for your baking needs. We also have Wolfgang Puck organic free range chicken noodle soup for those cold evenings, Potter Farm rib steak and t-bone steak, and bulk sunflower seeds on sale as well. 

To keep healthy during these cold months we have assorted Traditional Medicinal teas on sale including Breathe Easy, Throat Coat, and Echinacea Plus.

Eat Your Greens

Even when we are in the middle of a cold snowy winter, we are lucky enough to get fresh local greens at CCFC through Osage and Eagle Springs Farms. They both have greenhouses and grow delicious organic greens year-round.

We also have sprouting seeds available, so you can grow your own sprouts at home. Sprouts are incredibly nutritious; especially for those on a raw food diet. Studies show remarkable levels of B Vitamins, as well as Vitamins C, E and A (up to 15 times the original content!).
New Additions at the Co-op       
We want to make sure you are aware of the new items we have in stock. Now available are VinSante non-alcoholic wines. If you imbibed  bit too much over the holidays, but still want the delicious taste of those fermented grapes, this is the way to go.

We are also carrying Jens Café Bars--made in Basalt. And if you haven't tried Jackson's Honest potato chips, cooked in organic coconut oil, you don't know what you're missing. New on the shelves are Jackson's Honest sweet potato chips