Monday, June 2, 2014

Master Energy Therapist at Soul Food

Master Energy Therapist at Soul Food, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

THIS SAT June 7th and next Sat June 14th!!!! 

Advanced Energy Cultivation Meditation and Enlightenment
“Take A Dip in The Flow’. W.Martino-

Wilm’s classes are fun, sim-ple and often life changing. Former monk of both Zen and Yoga traditions. Trainings with: Ammachi, Thich Nhat Hahn. Qigong with with two world re-known teachers: Yang Ywing Ming– And Master Chen A Taoist priest and beloved teacher to thousands worldwide.

Endorsements include: The Official Trainers of The Olympic Ski Team...Sounds True Inc....and best of all by people from every walk of life. Here’s a glimpse “...It’s like finding all the pieces of the puzzle one place…’John Plati Nerve: The Secrets of Energy Cultivation Gourmet Meditation The Body Gym 

Upcoming courses: Includes-video/audio downloads. Text and Work-book. 3 E-books by Wilm. This same program has been delivered for $1200.00 a person in dozens of locations with groups in the hundreds. With Soul Food Sponsorship-$197.00. Welcome.

Experience: -The Breath of Consciousness-Breathing techniques are one thing but breathing patterns that happen naturally are much more effective.
-Entering the Flow-Simple things you can do in your daily life to up your energy.
-Protect It-Insulate yourself: , Energetically, Psychically and Physically.
- Core Qigong-The most advanced Qigong practice is called embryonic breathing. Get Energized.'
-Sacredly Sexual-Being turned on in every sense of the phrase is a core key to effective living–
- The inner teachings of Yoga...And More!

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