Sunday, August 3, 2014

10 Day Challenge - Uplift Wellness Now!
When: Anytime

Description: Davi Nikent and MasterMinds 4 Wellness announce the launch of the FREE Uplift Your Wellness Now! 10 Day Challenge. We encourage you to check it out and sign up through the Davi Nikent website ...

The Uplift Your Wellness Now! 10 Day Challenge will provide valuable information about how to further advance your health, energy and happiness. It is exciting to introduce this challenge to all of you.

More Exciting News! Davi Nikent is partnering with Masterminds 4 Wellness to offer a 90-day immersion program that furthers the concepts and practices of the Uplift Your Wellness Now! 10 Day Challenge starting in September.

What is the 10 Day Challenge? It is a collection of 2-3 minute videos delivered to your e-mail inbox once a day for 10 days. Each video contains ONE wellness tip or challenge for you. The videos are brought to you by an impressive group of dedicated healthcare practitioners who have spent decades perfecting their specialty. The Uplift Your Wellness Now! 10 Day Challenge is a powerful tool for your transformation designed to help revitalize your life. And again, it’s at no cost to you. Are you ready to Uplift YOUR wellness?

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