Thursday, March 19, 2015

A New Mom Finds a Niche in the Roaring Fork Valley

When Summer Pine moved to the valley newly pregnant and not knowing a soul, she was relieved to find the Moms for Moms Communities in Glenwood Springs and Carbondale. Through these online social sites she found connection and support with other moms and soon grew a crop of friends in her new home.

When her son was about 6 months old, Summer jumped at the opportunity to purchase the Glenwood Moms for Moms business and it has been a thriving endeavor for her ever since. Summer is passionate about offering and being a part of this FREE local, online community. 

Glenwood moms for moms offers local moms the opportunity to connect, share, and receive day-to-day support that Summer says we all need more often than we like to admit. It's about genuine connections.

While the Moms for Moms Communities are nationwide, each community site is owned by a local mom.

The social aspect of Moms for Moms allows for event postings, niche group activities and a discussion forum where moms can ask for parenting advice, referrals to local professionals (physicians, dentists, etc.) Moms participate in micro-groups from knitting to exercise and service work to book clubs and food allergies. The membership site is moderated and provides a safe and private environment for sharing.

Some of the events mentioned in the podcast include:
Dr. Johnson’s Easter Baskets for Child Victim’s of Crime
Meal Trains-Good Karma Mamas
Nursing Nook at Strawberry Days
Health and Wellness Expo

As Summer says, “none of us are the same”, so she provides many opportunities for people to engage in their own way. As for the benefits Summer has received in her affiliation with Moms for Moms, she says "it has been my sanity."

To support this endeavor, Glenwood Moms for Moms offers advertising to local businesses who want to reach out to moms in their community. Mom-owned businesses get some special perks.

To learn more, visit or email Summer Pine

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