Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Integration and Wholeness

As we enjoy the health fairs this spring and attend to our physical health, let’s not forget to put our efforts into the broader context.  Exactly why are we doing this?  The goal of health and wellness is to have our complete being operating without dis-ease (WOW what a goal).

To me this means paying attention to my thinking, feeling and spiritual wellness too.  Not a month goes by when we don’t see a major article on how our thinking is related to our physical health.  Articles abound about positive thinking, living with intention, reducing stress (which is how we respond to our environment), or eating better.

Let’s look at one important part of all of this.  How does our Subconscious work?  Well, for one thing it takes information literally.  For another, it is not part of our conscious processes.

So?  Well when we say, or think, something like: “Life is hard.”, our subconscious takes that literally and stores that as FACT.  It can’t discern that we might be talking about a task, or about today rather than life as a whole.  Make enough comments like this and it becomes the background screen for the subconscious to process everything.

So?  So when we have a great day, our subconscious stores that as an anomaly, a fluke, an exception and gives it little meaning.  After all, “Life is hard.”  On the other hand, if I am consistently saying things like “life is fun”, or “I enjoy life.”, then it is the tough day that is an exception.

This is critical because it is the subconscious background screen that determines the meaning of our moment to moment experience.

Clue – if you find yourself wondering why you don’t enjoy life more, look for that subconscious background screen.  Hint – you can’t “see” it, so you have to take its existence from your experience.

Solution – listen to the words you think and speak, correct yourself when you hear negative generalizations (all, never, etc.) and practice (a lot) affirming the truth of your positive experience, the gifts in your life and treasure what you have.

Carmen Iacino is a Certified Energy Medicine Specialist, a licensed psychotherapist, a spiritual explorer and, more simply, an individual committed to experiencing all the love and joy that life has to offer along with feeling free.  You can reach him at, 970-309-3467, or