Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What’s Love got to do With It?

There is a plethora of health information on the heart and how it operates. All this information can be very confusing or lead to a lot of misunderstanding. We often talk of broken hearts.  We have the expression of bleeding hearts. To use a pun, your heart is at the heart of many of your thoughts, conversations and, the focus of either pain or joy. How are you caring for your heart?
Most of our medical information on the heart focuses on heart disease and prevention. However, your heart is so much more than just an organ that beats and moves blood around to your various body parts. Treating your heart as only a mechanical device limits understanding of the huge potential of your heart.
I recently heard a talk by Gregg Braden. He discusses the energetic, electrical, and magnetic qualities of the heart.  He says the field of the heart stands out 5000 times greater than other physical energetic fields of our bodies. Because we are all electrical and magnetic and energetic beings, this is important information for us to know.
Your heart has the capacity to bring you into coherence with who you are, as well as being a crucial and vital component of love, forgiveness and transformation.
When you experience the emotion of love, your heart is the only place where a unique substance is produced. For lack of a better descriptor, scientists have named this substance as substance “L”. You literally produce a substance of love in your heart.
The emotion of love is one of the most beneficial emotion for health and healing that we possess. As we move beyond February, a month of heart centered focus, let’s take some time each day for a minute or two throughout the day to experience love.

What’s love got to do with it?  It has everything to do with a healthy heart—healthy life, healthy relationships and healthy spiritual connection.

Written by Dr. Stephanie Stanfield who has a private practice in Glenwood Springs. You can find Dr. Steph at www.makingshiftshappen.com and on her weekly podcast at Blogtalk Radio.