Monday, April 25, 2016

CO HB 16-1320

Legislation you may want to be aware of:  Colorado House Bill 16-1320

The folks over at say this about it:

HB 16-1320 attempts to strip the consumer protections and guarantees created in the Colorado Natural Health Consumer Protection Act and provided in (6-1-724).These rights include the right of the public to access unlicensed alternative health care and the right of practitioners of unlicensed alternative health care to practice.  Removal of 12-35.5-110 (e) eliminates the protections provided in section (6-1-724).

To learn more, or to sign a petition to stop this bill, CLICK HERE.


Dr. Steph said...

Good to know. How do we contact the originators of the bill? Or request that our representatives vote it down?

Kimberly Henrie said...

Great questions. A quick google search pulled up Foote & Cook as sponsors of the bill. It probably wouldn't take much effort to find the appropriate contacts in the Colorado House & Senate to voice your opinions to. If anyone takes those steps and would like to share the information here, we would be happy to pass it on.

The link above allows you to sign a petition that will be presented to appropriate parties if you would like to see it defeated.

Diane Gallagher said...

The House already passed it. It went before the Senate Judiciary yesterday afternoon. They recommended to put it to a vote in the Senate, which could happen any time now. I think it will most probably pass. Next step for concerned Alternate Healthcare Providers would be to sign up for the webcast on May 16th, held by DORA to get input before they create their rules and regulations for non-licensed Alternate Healthcare Providers. Or you can go to the meeting in Denver:

Carmen Iacino said...

I encourage each of you to write those who represent you in state government. I have learned there are a couple of things that will get you read. DO NOT use a form letter. Include that you live in their district and that you vote. Be short and specific. i.e. I want you to oppose this bill because it strips away protections without putting new rules in place firs. or I believe this bill will limit the access to CAM modalities by those who have high insurance deductibles.

If you can include a specific human story - so much the better.

Carmen Iacino