Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Reiki Level I with Claire O’Leary

Reiki Level I
with Claire O’Leary
Saturday, May 7   $249
TBD Glenwood Springs

Reiki is the beginning of a wonderful journey filled with learning and growth 
on many levels. 

Be attuned to Reiki (Universal Life Force) to help you focus, feel less stressed, be more intuitive and have a deeper spiritual awareness. Gain knowledge and tools to heal yourself, family, and friends. Reiki combines extremely well with other therapies and orthodox medical care, particularly pre and post-operative health care, helping to accelerate the natural healing process. Feel comfortable working with clients, both locally and thousands of miles away (with Level II training). There will be plenty of time to practice and receive Reiki during the class.
The first degree connects the student to the Universal Life Force and gives them the tools to heal themselves, their family and others.
The first degree of Reiki is the beginning of a wonderful journey filled with learning and growth on so many different levels. Many people find that the first degree is all they need to study and incorporate, to lead a more fulfilling life. While others, will continue their studies and progress onto the second degree and some to master/teacher degree.

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About Claire O’Leary
A Reiki Master and intuitive healer, Claire has been practicing Reiki for over 20 years and has been teaching Reiki for 4 years. She offers Reiki classes, journaling classes, workshops, essential oils consultations, private energy treatments and retreats. She also speaks at various events about “ Living With an Open Heart“.  Claire believes the more your heart is open, the greater the gifts you will receive. Claire guides individuals and groups to open their heart and allow Divine energy to flow so they can achieve greater success in life and live in passion, joy and inspiration. 

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